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I enjoy myself at 'Star Tuition' and every time I have a lesson I always learn something new. All our hard work pays off as we get rewards for trying and working hard. Every time I attend a lesson I walk out of the door having learnt something new. My older brother is sitting his GCSE exams next year and he is also joining 'Star Tuition' to help him prepare for his final exams! The work I do in tuition has helped with my school work as well. I have an awesome tutor who helps me a lot!
Junaid Ali, Age 14, Batley
I enjoy going to 'Star Tuition' because I like Maths and English. My tutor teaches me in a way that is interesting and also fun. I get homework every week. I take the homework back with me to the tuition lesson and me and my tutor go through the homework together. Sometimes we mark the homework together and we go through the mistakes I have made to make sure I do not make them again!
Qasim, Age 14, Batley
I Never really liked Maths and English before, but ever since I have been coming to 'Star Tuition' I seem to find it more interesting. I have been getting better at my tests in school and I feel more confident than I was before. When I get something wrong I go through it with Talha. This makes me realise what I have done wrong and hopefully will stop me from making the same mistakes again. Thank you for all your support and help!
Yusuf, Age 11, Batley
I like tuition because I like number work and learning about the alphabet.
Alisha, Age 5, Batley
I have learnt many new things since starting tuition, its not only about doing extra Maths and English, it has helped me build my confidennce and independence. Extra tuition helps me a lot in school and my teacher said that I have improved in my Maths and English.
Owais, Age 12, Batley
I do a lot of hard work in tuition. I like tuition because I can do extra work which I have not done before in school.
Aaminah K, Age 6, Batley
Tuition is fun because of the different kind of work we do in English and Maths. In Maths we do things which I have done in school but it is sometimes harder. English is my favourite subject because I like to write. Tuition is better than school because it is only for one hour.
Humayraa K, Age 10, Batley
Not so long ago I scored a high mark in my Maths mock test in school, this was partly due to the workI have been doing in tuition. 'Star Tuition' has helped me build up my confidence and work towards my full potential. My tutor always tells me 'you can achieve more than you think if you put 100% effort into it,' which is very true and this is exactly what I am going to do from now on. Thank you.
Mohammed P, Age 14, Batley
My first lesson was absoloutely fantastic and I have learnt a lot of new things so far. I felt very happy, I now have a new atmosphere that makes me smile. My tutor is happy with a clean atmosphere. I am looking forward to coming again all the time and I am enjoying it a lot. Can you please make 'Star Tuition' go on forever because it's the no.1 thing!
Mohammed Ali, Age 10, Wakefield
Tuition helps me a lot. I enjoy going to tuition and my tutor is very funny. In Maths I like number work and in English I like writing.
Adil, Age 7, Batley


Since Qasim has been going to 'Star Tuition' I have seen a greater improvement with his homework and his school report and feedback from his school teachers is a lot more positive. Qasim has not only improved on his overall work but has also gained a lot of self confidence.
Mrs Hafeez, Batley
I have noticed that coming for tuition has made a big difference for Yusuf. He is more focussed with his work. Yusuf also realises where his faults are and he understands he needs to focus on them. We have seen Yusuf improving with you and the way you teach, and this reflects with his school work and his homework. Very happy.
Mrs Patel, Batley
Talha is a well rounded professional who takes pride in his work. He is well respected by his fellow colleagues and loved by his students. Talhas colleagues describe him as energetic, confident and focussed while his students have described him as cool and knowledgeable.I have sent my younger brother Yusuf to Talha and I have noticed the confidence which Talha has installed in him to do well in not only Maths and English but all his subjects.
Mr Patel, Batley
Mr Laher brings the best out of children, he gives them the support and confidence towards their learning. Both my son Awais and my daughter Alisha attend one to one sessions once a week. They always enjoy and look forward to the sessions. They are always greeted with friendly smiles by other family members.
My son struggles in high school and has learning delay, he lacks confidence and struggles with most of his subjects. Since he has started going to Mr Laher his teachers have said that they have seen a positive difference with him in school. Awais uses what he learns in tuition at school. His confidence is building and he is putting more effort towards his own learning which as a parent is really pleasing to see.
My daughter is nearly 5 and she very much enjoys going to Mr Laher, she proudly tells everyone that she is going to learn and meet Mr Laher and his mum. She has learnt how to recognise and sound out letters, she has also learnt how to count numbers and is now slowly using objects to add and subtract simple sums. She has a lot to say when she comes home and say's Mr Laher said I need to do this or Mr Laher said I need to finish that.....and that gives her the motivation to work and finish what she is told to do to get the praise (stickers and other incentives) from Mr Laher.
Overall I would recommend 'Star Tuition' to any parents with children in KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Talha is very prompt with keeping in touch and discussing any matters regarding the children. His timing is really good and he always tries his best to fit the children in a time when it is most convenient for me and them.
A mother who wants the best for her children.
Mrs Zareef, Batley
I find that the Tuition Talha Laher has given to my son Adil has really helped him develop further in school. When I considered sending my son for Tuition I realised that most Tuition classes were in a group, whereas Talha was giving 1-2-1 Tution. I have had the privilege of seeing Talha give tution to a student and have found that his communication skills are fantastic and I was overwhelmed of how good he interacts with all ages of students. I would recommend any parent that is considering sending their child for Tuition to send them to Talha.
Mr Kamal, Batley