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Are you a qualified teacher?

I am a fully qualified teacher currently working for schools in the Kirklees area carrying out 1-2-1 tuition for both Maths and English.

What key stage levels do you cover?

I cover KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 (for primary and secondary schools) for both Maths and English.

Have you got an up to date Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) certificate?

Yes I have, I have a recent CRB certificate which I will be more than happy to show upon request.

Do you give homework to students you tutor?

Homework is given to all students on a weekly basis. Extra homework will be given to the students during the holiday period.

Do you also offer group tuition?

Group tuition can also be arranged. Pleae note that I will only tutor a group if the students have similar attainment levels and target grades. To enquire further about this please contact me on: 07729851609.

Can you assess my child and tell me what level he/she is working on?

Prior to any long term arrangement for tuition, I will always assess a child to see where they are with their learning. Grades and Levels will be given to the child and a thorough feedback session will be held for the parents/carers free of charge.

How often will you give feedback for my child?

Feedback is given regularly. I keep in touch with all parents/carers via Email and telephone. I will also write reports regularly for the child.

Why is an assessment necessary?

An assessment will allow me to create a unique lesson plan which will cater to the needs of the individual student; a plan that will build confidence in their weaker topics and fortify their stronger ones.

How can my child prepare for the first and subsequent lessons?

Please have your child`s reports and school books handy. It will give me a good idea of how well your child is doing in school.

Do I need to pay for the first meeting with you?

No, you will not be charged for the meeting.

When can I book myself in for a meeting to discuss tuition for my child?

You will need to contact me and arrange a suitable time and date for the meeting. If under any circumstances you arrange a meeting and cannot attend, I would kindly ask you to let me know in advance.

How long is each tuition session?

Each tuition session is normally one hour. If your child needs tuition for more than one hour please specify this when you call to book them in. Thank You

Is it true that school standards in England have fallen?

The following is a quote from one of the leading newspapers in the UK:
KIDS HIT BY MATHS CRISIS 'Britain has slumped near to the bottom of the class in a world table of maths standards. Tests of 9 year olds in 26 countries showed English schools in 17th place'

What abilities do you cater for?

'Star Tuition' isn't just for students who are not achieving in school. I also work with high achievers. My individualised approach to learning needs will help your child reach their maximum potential.